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…big thing", he said as I felt his hand on my shoulder. "If it matters to you, I feel the same way about you" he said in a softer voice, in a manner that allowed me to look up at him. teen boys cum felt that sweet teen boys might be dead or dreaming, but the look in his eyes told me he meant what he said and that he was really there. Tears came pouring silently out of my eyes.

"Aw, come on Light, don′t cry" he said softly, as he drew me into his arms and put his face right up to mine, and licked at my tears with his tongue, like a dog might. Dreamlike, I opened my mouth and teen flexing boys him, sucking at his mouth like it was a nipple. I could feel his hardon pressing on my leg as we lay back on the bed, and my own cock sprang to attention. He kissed and licked me all over, and as he undressed me, horny teen boys took off his underwear. He stood naturist teen boys next to me and bent his knees so that his crotch was next to my face.

I put my face into his thick public hair and breathed in, while feeling around his chest and thighs with teen boys bedding hands. I let my lips touch his balls and then tasted them, licking them slowly as I let my tongue glide up the shaft of his hard dick. As I took his cock into my mouth he moaned with pleasure and positioned me on the bed so we could both suck at the same time. I came once, and during the next few hours, came four more times, each time as intense as the last.

From the exhaustion of sex and running, we fell asleep in…

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